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Default Wouldn't a new Quantum Leap limited series be cool?

With 24: Live Another Day being such a success and the recent announcements of new Twin Peaks and The X-Files limited series - I'm wondering if attention will soon be turned to Quantum Leap?

The ending of the series finale will be a tough one to swerve but I reckon it could be handled either two ways.

1. The first episode of the new series could open up with "Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home... or did he?

2. The first episode involves Al changing the timeline somehow making it possible for Sam Beckett to return home some day.

Then we could have a new 12 episode series set 20 years after the final episode that actually does end with Sam Beckett returning home.

I'm sure Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell would be interested in bringing Quantum Leap back. I guess the only stumbling block is was it really as big as 24 or The X-Files? Did it have the cultural impact of Twin Peaks?

Either way - I'm hoping this recent craze of "Limited Event Series" has gotten Mr Bellisario's attention.
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