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Yeah, I'd like some continuation myself. And these days, with 1) TV series being revived all over the place (Neftlix has a Full House reunion in the works, of all things); 2) seasons with shorter runs becoming the norm, allowing the networks to take chances since they don't have to commit as much money; and 3) streaming media allowing for more variety in programming, the time is perfect for a Quantum Leap revival.

Also, considering that Quantum Leap is still in reruns while many series that were its contemporaries aren't in reruns anymore, I would say that the show isn't that obscure. Not a monster hit, but not completely unknown and forgotten either.

With Scott tied up with NCIS: New Orleans, though, I can't imagine him having the time to commit to another series.

What I think would work would be to follow a new Leaper -- maybe a daughter of Sam's (I'm convinced that he and Donna conceived a baby during the events of "The Leap Back") as she tries to find her father.

I hope Netflix (or someone) commits to a 6- to 13-episode commitment for something like this!
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