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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Well... going back and watching Genesis part II, at least in the version I downloaded, they've omitted all the scenes about the questionnaire that all the pilots were supposed to take. The recut episode opens with Sam peering into the cockpit of the X2 and Al unintentionally sneaking up on him. They cut any mention of the questionnaire. The episode also has the season 4 saga cell and title sequence. AND I just noticed that it's zoomed/cropped to 1.78:1 rather than 4:3 ratio.

I'm guessing that Universal just scanned whatever version was sitting in the box after the last time it was cut together for syndication.

jg1981, can you confirm that Genesis on iTunes is uncut?
No, it's exactly the same issue on iTunes for Genesis Part II. I mentioned it in another thread, but I don't think my post has been approved yet.

It's widescreen, got the wrong opening titles, and I hadn't noticed the edits, but I'd say they would be identical as well.

I tried emailing Universal, because I think they should be offering the original two hour versions of Genesis and Lee Harvey Oswald ... even aside from the other issues with Genesis Part II, but they emailed back and said they don't have anything to do with it ... which is weird.

But overall the HD digital episodes are great! I just went back to the DVD to rewatch Genesis.
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