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Originally Posted by Wrong Arturo View Post
Yeah, I'd like some continuation myself. And these days, with 1) TV series being revived all over the place (Neftlix has a Full House reunion in the works, of all things); 2) seasons with shorter runs becoming the norm, allowing the networks to take chances since they don't have to commit as much money; and 3) streaming media allowing for more variety in programming, the time is perfect for a Quantum Leap revival.

Also, considering that Quantum Leap is still in reruns while many series that were its contemporaries aren't in reruns anymore, I would say that the show isn't that obscure. Not a monster hit, but not completely unknown and forgotten either.

With Scott tied up with NCIS: New Orleans, though, I can't imagine him having the time to commit to another series.

What I think would work would be to follow a new Leaper -- maybe a daughter of Sam's (I'm convinced that he and Donna conceived a baby during the events of "The Leap Back") as she tries to find her father.

I hope Netflix (or someone) commits to a 6- to 13-episode commitment for something like this!
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I think a continuation would be great. Just a while ago, I had read something about a continuation or reboot with a new leaper and I realized sort of a flaw in that for me. Let's say there was a new Leaper starting now who was about 42 years old, the same age Sam would have been in 1995. That would mean he/ she could only leap as far back as 1973 at the most, possibly 1980 if the show takes place six years in the future as the original did. For me, 1980 would almost be, "Drat. So he/ she really doesn't leap into the past at all. I mean, its only the 1980's for crying out loud."

It makes me wonder how my father would have reacted to the original or how my mother would react if she saw it. The 1950's mostly before I was born or the 1960's when I was a child might seem "the past" to me but might not at all to their generation.

But then again, the human interaction was the main point with the time period simply there to provide a background for that interaction so maybe it would still work.
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