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Originally Posted by MO View Post
This one gets a "Good" rating from me. The teenaged boys were over-the-top immature, more so than any teenaged boys I've ever met. I know they were supposed to be annoying, but I think the writers blew past the mark and kept on going. I found the Michael Jackson scene completely unnecessary, and I assume it was put in for time filler. I liked the scenes with the cars, especially the part where Sam didn't know how to get to the crankshaft (?), so he made Jill show him that she remembered. Of course, the race at the end was the best, even if they did wreck that awesome car.
I agree,the teenage boys behaved like Beavis and Butthead and were ridiculously unbelievable. Parents were much stricter back then and wouldn't have tolerated that degree of idiocy.The Michael Jackson part was just filler,the writers would do that off and on throughout the series,like the "Piggy Sue" scene with Buddy Holly. I didn't mind it too much,some of it was kind of funny.

I have to confess that overall I do like this episode though because I love the 1950's and early 1960's era,and its always cool to see the cars and way the people dressed back then. As someone who owns several late 50's and early 60's cars it made me wince to see them wreck the chevy in the end.
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