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One of the best episodes of Quantum Leap, in my opinion. In fact, this is very, VERY close to making my top 10 episodes of all time. The whole episode is just thrilling and relentless. It is unusual for me to put an episode like this so high up there, because it does lack any real kind of light relief (except maybe for Al on a few occasions).

From the very start, we're right in the thick of it. We're right there with Sam in the chair. The fact he even mutters, "Oh God", instead of "Oh boy", goes to show that the stakes are gonna be much higher throughout. We don't really get a break, even when the phone rings. We know it's only going to be a temporary reprieve.

Tearsa is one of my favourite Quantum Leap characters of all time. She has this fire to her, this hidden drive to do the right thing. That's why one of my least favourite moments is when she realises that she's being believing in the wrong man, when she finds out that Jesus is guilty after all. But the reason why I love this character is present in the final scene. Even when she knows Jesus is guilty, she still forgives him. The sorrow in her eyes in that final goodbye through the glass is really moving. Some beautiful acting there.

The DA, Theodore Moody, is one of the best antagonists we ever get in QL. His little speech to Sam about the last dance before death is really chilling. The music in the background is what really sells it. I also love that scathing last look he gives Sam as well in the execution chamber. But there's a tiny, ever so tiny hint of awe and admiration in his eyes. Sam/Jesus hasn't done a final dance in his last moments, he's brought him down. He's ruined him and his position as DA is done and he knows it deep down. And in that moment, I do sense a tiny hint of subdued respect towards Jesus. It's a tiny, easy to miss moment, but I actually think it's one of the best moments in the whole 3rd season. In fact, that whole final scene is. The leap out is one of the very best. Talk about leaving it late! Phew. That was close. I'm glad that Jesus didn't suffer, though. He would literally have leaped back just in time to die. It would have been worse if he'd had a couple of minutes to realise what was happening. It's better he leaped back seconds before dying instead of a few minutes before.

Best scene. The actual best scene of this episode, though, is the one in the church. Al's at his best here and the little girl is adorable. A great scene.

My rating. Excellent. A nail-biting episode. A little too dark to make my top 10, but it's still a remarkable episode.
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