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I am watching this episode now, and I very much enjoy it. I love seeing Sam watching his own previous struggles with Project Quantum Leap from a third person point of view. To meet someone else who shares his dream only way ahead of him It was great to see Sam fighting for Moe's dream almost like he was making up for the fight he never got, being the person that he never had by his side to believe in him (Al doesn't count, I mean someone outside the project). Because even after he leaped Al was the only one that believed in him, if you remember in Star Crossed Al mentions that Witzmen wanted him promounced Non compos mentis(I think thats how you say it).

I liked a lot, the scene where Sam tells Moe his theory, it almost makes me want Sam to blurt out "Guess what, I am doing it right now, I am Quantum Leaping, I'm from the future" lol. I just love how Sam sands up for what he believes in and for other people's beliefs.

The other thing about this episode that I liked was a desplay of evidence to justify the theory of Kristen's and mine that Sam missed his father's funeral because he was at MIT. Irene explains to him outsisde the studio that Moe did not show to his wife's funeral and if you watch Sam's reaction closely you can tell it stings. Other episodes that desplay evidence of this are "A Single Drop of Rain" and "Promised Land".

But my absolute fav thing about This ep is:


I laughed my butt off the first time I saw it, and it still gets a laugh out of me every time. You gotta love Sam in the sponge outfit, its adorable.

oh, and of course the letter at the end from Little cute four year old Sam to Captian Galaxy, yay. that's soo cute. I keep wondering what Al says though cuz hes about to say something when Sam leaps. :P

This is a good episode.

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