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Originally Posted by marie1439 View Post
I was reading the review of Private Dancer. In there it mentions that Scott was on painkillers during the dance segments because he hurt his ankle in Runaway. So when we see Scott limping around in Future Boy it probably is because his ankle really does hurt.
Oh, I wondered about that! They seemed pretty consistent with the limp and I wondered if they needed to write that in for some reason.

This show seemed to be firing on all four cylinders right about now - so many good episodes right in a row and this is a definite favorite of mine. That ending just nailed it: "And this week's letter is from little Sam Becket in Elk Ridge Indiana, who writes, Dear Mr. Galaxy, can you please explain to me your theory of time travel." Sam and Als' jaws drop and then Sam leaps - one of the funniest leap-outs ever.

Granted, if it's 1957 Sam would have only been four years old, but then again he was a super genius . . .

My one nitpick with this episode is that even though Sam realizes Moe has a similar string theory about time travel, neither he nor Al ever examine the time machine to acknowledge it could actually work, and Moe does in fact seem to start leaping when he turns it on. They don't acknowledge that either.

Still rated this one as excellent though. I don't know which was funnier - Sam's Future Boy costume or Mr. Scrubbo. Or the irony that Sam is playing Future Boy when that's exactly what he is!
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