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Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
This one is kind of a throwback to What Price Gloria, in that the fact that Sam is a woman is totally played for laughs, whereas in Another Mother it's treated very matter-of-factly. As in What Price Gloria, Sam is mortified to be wearing dresses, poodle skirts, and has a look of resignation on his face akin to sulking over his fate. It's incredibly funny as the costumes become more and more embarrassing. I still crack up at the thought of him in the hotel lobby with his "Miss Sugar Belle" sash and his tiara.
I think my favourite part of the episode is just after Sam's told by Peg that he needs to be at the pool in his bathing suit, then we see all these shots of gorgeous female legs parading about (almost dancing), juxtaposed against Sam's muscular, hairy legs, walking in like it's the most horrible walk he's ever done. Cracks me up every time! XD
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