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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
True, the gummi bear link was used by both Als in Boogym*n, my mind slipped on that for a moment (BTW you can totally tell that the devil's is fake by how it clicks like a plastic toy and doesn't light up or squeal).

The Great Spontini having been originally intended for before Boogym*n is new knowledge to me. I had considered that the episodes were not filmed in the order they were aired however the end teasers of all three episodes that proceed The Great Spontini were correctly correspondent to each other. Were they able to change the ending teasers?
Yeah, I believe the editing was particularly easy because they were never actually released that way, meaning the order: "The Great Spontini", "The Boogiem*n", "Miss Deep South", etc. They just filmed TGS before The B episode, but never released it until after BOWOF. I don't think TGS had a teaser ending for the next episode until it was fully accommodated.
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