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This is one of my all-time favorite episodes from Quantum Leap. Simply perfect from the beginning to the very end. The chemistry between the actors, Scott and Richard Herd, and then the chemistry between the characters themselves, Moe and Sam, is so darn great. The screenplay... so smooth and very well paced. No single wrong turn. The best one by Tommy Thompson, in my opinion. It had the correct amount of many things at the same time: Drama, laughter, light-heartedness, seriousness, adventure, life-lessons, references to Sam himself and of course kisses with real history, you name it.

My favorite part: Moe escapes and goes home to try his time machine for one last time and the daughter and Sam and Al think that he's going to get cooked on the machine but it actually begins to respond. He starts to leap and we even get to see his blue aura, which indicates that he's ready, but just when the aura is at the exact point of changing to the full leap, the machine stops functioning and Al sees him at the far end with an expression of "what a shame, it was actually working but it didn't have enough energy or power to go on." Priceless! Then Moe steps out of the machine and talks to his daughter about what he intended to do. He wasn't crazy, he wasn't entitled to his own ideas, he wasn't being selfish or trying to escape from anything about the reality that surrounded him. He just wanted to fix the mistakes he made in the past with her and his whole family. Very, very relatable and likable character Moe!! That whole scene always makes me roll a tear (many, actually). So touching and perfectly crafted.

Other favorites include the ending, of course, with Captain Galaxy reading a letter from Sam as a kid and then he begins to explain the string theory (very perfect and fitting ending), and when he changed the director's screenplay at the beginning. "This is not the Future, Time Cadets. This is only the disturbed vision of a man..." or something like that. Great comment he has on violence on TV shows. The Mr. Scrubo part... classic and very hilarious.

Parts I didn't like: There aren't any. Loved them all.

My rating: Excellent. One of the first things I think about everytime I remember Quantum Leap, and I dare to say I'm not alone in this, is of course Captain Galaxy. He's one of the most emblematic characters not only from this show, but from TV's history. Great, great!! Timeless episode.
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