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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
They probably did, but neither would have had no idea that it was a leaping effect - remember that neither of them knows what a leaping effect looks like...
Of course I'm aware that neither of them knows what leaping look like but still this should have caught their interest like as Stawpah's leap out had Sam's in Mirror Image.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
It must have been Moe who thought of it first, after all, he started telling Sam about it BEFORE Sam helped him refine it. In the original history, they both probably worked on string theory separately and independently, coming to the same conclusions. After all, in the original history, Moe Stein died, so how could he possibly pass on the info to Sam? It was just a fantastic stroke of luck that their paths should meet.
I'm not counting Moe's original theory here which was off, but in the events of the revised timeline. Though I can see where you are headed here. Clearly Moe was always his inspiration (the gyrometer prop confirms this as it was always there) but enabling his four year old self to hear his letter answered probably only eliminated quite a bit of need for revising.
By the way I forgot to mention how priceless I find Al's reaction to that letter.XD I wonder what that line he was about to say would have been had Sam not leaped out and cut him off.
And Sam's expression was all "What?....uh I don't remember that letter." LOL.

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