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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post

On the subject of the Donna character, it could definitely have been handled better, but I do think that her objection to Sam leaping again was understandable (though with a poor choice of words), and we can give Sam a "hall pass" for his future actions with Tamlyn and Abigail, considering that canonically, she has made it clear that she wants Sam to be able to complete his life's work.
I never understood how Donna was "supposed to react" to Sam leaving again mere hours of a four year absence. I would have been pissed too, especially since she had reasonable objections on why Sam couldn't leap to 1945 and he had lame technobabble responses in return. I would have been like "Really? That's what your subconscious was working on? Not leaping home but targeted leaping".

If anything, this episode ruins Sam and Al's character. Sam abandons his wife and does it so easily. Al's first reaction on getting home was wanting to get to bed with Tina, not "What happened? Where's Sam?" Speaking of which, again with the instantaneous leaping...Sam immediately ends up in 1945 and Al immediately walks out of the Imaging Chamber moments after Sam leaped out.

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