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But, a leap as started at the begining when the EVIL LEAPERS were first in!

Kinda, helps my theory doesn't it!

I think that Sam was "pulled out" during his fall. I still think it is cool to think it was Lothos, who did this. Maybe he made a clone of Al or something, because it was when he touched the shiref and he turned in to "Al" like a leaper would when they would touch.

But it could of been some advanced holographic technique. As the shrief was dead.

I think this entity was trying to scare Sam. Because he could of killed Sam at anytime he wanted, but he was enjoying putting Sam through all those trumas of the deaths of those people. I mean the final one just sent Sam over the edge. You could tell by that scream! (which BTW was cut on either UKGold or ITV3 when it was on)

I think that the "Evil Al" was a leaper. But it's just a theory. It's just I believe that it is Sam that's leaping himself around. But that's a discussion for "Mirror Image"

- Janna Galaxy /Janine
PS, that bit where they (Sam and Evil Al) are touching, I think Sam is in shock because he thinks he's touching his best friend....actually, that freaked me out the first time I saw it!

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