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Hi Folks,

Controversy? Nah! This is great stuff… lively, friendly discussions on story lines. I too am eager to see how it gets all fleshed out on the page… but for now, you’ll have to settle for the small "launch" trailer I am using for the project. I hope and pray its at least decent… check it out here. I’ll eventually post it up to YouTube, but wanted to share it with you all ASAP. Please let me know if the link is dead, or doesn’t work. I suggest using Quicktime or Real Player to play it since it’s a .MOV file. Final Cut Pro doesn’t offer me the option to convert over to WMV files.

Getting Scott or Dean for a cameo is an option, but they’re SAG players, which means they are quite pricey. A show I’m working on is getting B movie star Bruce Campbell for it, and SAG requires a $25K down payment just to TALK to the actor… I really appreciate the offer though, Emma. Very nice of you! And THANKS for the compliments on our website! Every project we’ve done is a step up in terms of quality and distinction.

SPOILER alert… San won’t be leaping into Diana…

Enjoy the trailer!

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