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Originally Posted by Kirok
It went GREAT last night!! Anybody who’s been to Cons knows how informal and relaxed everything is, but before we started STVB, I asked for a show of hands as to who was QL fans… more than half the audience members raised their hands with a definite gleam in their eyes… you could just see their minds trying to remember the show, and how great it was. It was certainly an unexpected surprise to see how the audience reacted just by me saying ‘Quantum Leap’.

So we started the preview, and when they saw the image of Diana, one lady said "Oh My God!" in emphatic surprise. Then the white leap flash appeared, then the title of QL appeared… I heard a "Wow"… a "no way" and "I can’t believe it!"

So, at least from what I could see and hear, it appeared to go over pretty well. Keep in mind it was just a teaser as there was no real footage to show… but you could tell there was a pulse in the room before we played STVB.

At the end, everyone was asking if I was planning on doing another fanfilm, and my answer was ‘Quantum Leap’. The business cards went a flyin’ because they definitely wanted to see it.

There is a tangible energy still out there, and I was THRILLED to have started the ball rolling.

So, tell me again, why hasn't A Bold Leap Forward been made? Obviously, there isn't a lack of interest in QL! It's gratifying to see that there are still so many people who remember and love the show. Now, if only the studios could see this...

And I'm glad that your trailer received such a warm reception.
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