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Great episode,probably my number one in all of the series. This episode is the main reason why i think Chris Ruppenthal is one of the top 2 writers(DPB is number one,of course) QL had. They both did an amazing job,during the show.
Now i gotta say, that the second(or the 3rd or the 4th or the 10th) time you see this episode is not as good as the first time ,because you already know what is going to happend,but matter what that a great episode. There are some inconsistency in the scripts like the fact that I believethe phrase "who's dancin with the devil..." is a well known phrase so it's no clue that "Devil Al" was no Al. or the fact, that only sam's knew Stevie first name but Al didn't(If we're agreeing that the all "Devil Al" was a dream or somethink like this to Sam) so in the end if someone can realize Stevie is Stephen king,it's only sam. And if it really was a dream Sam told stevie about "christine" only in his "dream" so the only idea stevie might use from his conversation with Sam is for "Carrie". And there've been a few other inconsistencies,but the bottom line is - An Excellent episode.

BTW - It seem "Devil Al" knew that Sam will never go back home,ah?!
("Devill Al":"Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time putting right what I made wrong?!"
Sam: "I'm just trying to get home."
"Devil Al":"Well...You're not going to make it!"
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