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Default Minor mistakes

You guys catch, during "Mirror Image", when Sam asked Al how he looked when he was leaping and Al said he didn't know? Then how is it in "Good Morning Peoria" that Al thinks he's leaping b/c he's standing too close to the power line or antenna? How would he even know how it looks? And no, swiss-cheese memory doesn't work here. Even though Al had leaped once after the Peoria episode, Sam clearly explained that your pre-leap memory would return in time.

There's at least 1-3 mistakes in the Dr. Ruth episode. The one scene where Al and Sam are first talking in the hallway. Al states the wrong year (1984, not 1985 which was right). Also, Sam getting mad at Al b/c he wasn't present when Annie first called and not knowing who she was. But Al had already clearly left Sam and Sam seemed pretty aware of it when he left (I believe using the imaging chamber door). Yet when Al comes back a little later, Sam seems to not remember Al leaving only a few minutes earlier. These were clearly writing errors, but the editor should've caught them.

Name some other ones you guys may have caught. I think there were maybe more, but I can't remember them right now.
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