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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
We have to remember something that a lot of people don't seem to like to admit.
Sometimes Al doesn't tell the truth!
There are times when he omits things to spare Sam. There are times when he exaggerates. There are times he makes up stories. There are times when he outright lies. For whatever reason. I'm not saying he does it maliciously, it is usually from the best of motives, or at worst for mischief. The only time he does it selfishly is when he tries to get Sam to get Beth back for him.
So when he tells Sam he doesn't know what leaping looks like, he may just be not admitting that he knows.
Just my two cents.
Yeah, this is my take on it, too. And I actually do think, based on the Good Morning, Peoria episode, that Al does know what leaping looks, but he's withholding that information from Sam in 'Mirror Image'. By the time Al finally locks onto him in the episode Sam is agitated to the point of being hysterical. So I think maybe Al wants to either shift Sam off the subject or something so as not to exacerbate that.

The same thing comes up with the simo-leaping question. In 'Dreams' Sam says at one point 'remember when we simo-leaped' and Al says no, yet in other episodes Al brings up the simo-leaping. But 'Dreams' is another one where Sam is really in a bad place psychologically so I think Al just doesn't want to reveal information that he thinks might upset Sam even more.
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