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Default Minor Mistakes

Yeah Al does mention the simo-leap at one point, and then at another point he seems to pretend he doesn't know what Sam's talking about. Or maybe he's not pretending? Recall that when Sam leaped back home (The Leap Home), he stated during narration that his "pre-leap memory" was coming back to him, and his memory of his time spent leaping was fading away. So it's likely then that Al really DOESN'T remember leaping into 1945, but only knows it ever happened b/c Gooshie, Tina, Donna, etc had talked to him about it after he and Sam switched back (when Sam leaped into him).

About the leaping thing, Al stated in one episode that when Sam leaps, the imaging chamber just goes blank or the image "shuts off". I dunno. That whole thing is just confusing to me. lol
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