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Originally Posted by Rockstar2005 View Post
From the FAQ........ still doesn't help. lol But oh well:

19. How come in "Mirror Image," Al states that he has never seen Sam leap out?

This does appear to conflict with Al's statements in at least two other episodes. In "Animal Frat," Al describes a leap-out, complete with sound effects. In "Good Morning Peoria," when Al steps too close to the antenna, his image begins to glow blue--causing him to exclaim, "I'm gonna leap!" Apparently Al has both seen and heard the leap effect before. Why he says he hasn't in "MI" is anyone's guess (there is a theory this is a tip-off that perhaps the events of "MI" only existed in Sam's mind).

Excellent thread! Proof that Al goes "back into the Imaging Chamber" can be seen directly at the end of "M.I.A.," which is the only time in the series (aside from the end of "Dr. Ruth") we don't see Sam directly leaping out. (As far as I remember, anyway.) Al disappears instantly once Sam is gone, because he no longer has a link to that particular year since Sam has left.

We also get to see things from Al's perspective in "Mirror Image" when he walks into the Imaging Chamber to search for Sam without a hologram already established, since Ziggy didn't know Sam's whereabouts. (And if you want to talk about mistakes, Al should never have been looking at himself disappearing in "Shock Theatre" since only the entire hologram around him was disappearing .)

Of course that doesn't answer the question of whether or not Al actually "sees" the leaping effect or not. I would have to watch "Animal Frat" again, but I can say that my impression from "Good Morning, Peoria" was always that Al saw a cool effect and was so excited about it that he assumed he was leaping.

Perhaps it's a combination of both? In the second season Al was still unable to see through the aura of the leapee that surrounds Sam (which covers when "Animal Frat" aired). And since obviously no one around Sam can see or hear the leaping effect because of the aura's illusion, at the time of the second season when "Good Morning, Peoria" aired, neither would Al. However, at some point Al was able to see Sam for who he was (I think Season 3) and I believe only at that point would he then be able to see and hear the leaping effect.

So, my theory is that in "Good Morning, Peoria," Al was just excited, and in "Mirror Image" he was only being facetious since his character usually acts careless with such details.

In addition, it's always been my impression that we the audience see the leaping effect in slow motion. A good example to back this up is in "Revenge" when Alia leaps out and it takes a few seconds for the whole process, yet the shotgun shell is still able to pass through the empty space between the switch of Alia and Angel, which should be instantaneous.
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