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I absolutely LOVE the series finale...that said, I am completely frustrated by it. I think watching it again recently, having experienced the recent evolution of serialized sci-fi/drama, I was able to digest what was happening differently than when the episode had originally aired. Back then, we revered the writers of television shows as geniuses with all the answers. These days, we know that's not so much the case. (Look at LOST as the best example.)

One thing to keep in mind, and this was confirmed by Mr. Bakula at Comic Con in Philly (2012), is that when production began, this episode wasn't intended to be the series finale. I think it was shaping up to be a season finale that setup a final story-arc for the series, so all of the ambiguity makes a lot of sense. Leaving the audience hungry for the answers that will come next season.

Mirror Image was Sam's first experience where the powers behind the phenomenon were starting to make themselves apparent to him. Al...not Calavicci...reminded me a lot of "The Architect" in The Matrix: Reloaded. Let's say he's the "God" character for the series...he guides Sam along through the episode like a parent would guide a child learning to ride a bike. At the end of the episode, Sam's truly good nature and dedication to his friends, bolstered by watching Strapo (?) complete his leap-journey, cause him to leap back to help Al...this time reunited with his wife.

Stand-alone, it's a great final action for us to see before we come back for a final season of new leap-adventures. For it to be the final leap-action we see, it leaves us with a couple concepts to consider...

1 - Sam controlled this leap...he chose the destination and knew exactly what he needed to do when he got there.
2 - This would've served as the first in the final series of Leaps, so Sam is honing his ability and learning to control his destiny
3 - If Sam chose to continue leaping when he could've chose to leap home instead of to see Al Calavicci's wife, we can also imagine that his want to do right, to keep fixing things that once went wrong, led him on a never-ending adventure. You can't fix one moment in time without the ripple-effect touching other moments in time, Al...not Calavicci explains this to Sam in Mirror Image.

I think the whole point of the episode is that Sam is being made into somewhat of a Christ-figure, and the key is that Sam is doing so of his own free will. Hence, "God bless, Sam."

-Dave "The Klone"

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