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Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
As much as I enjoyed this episode (it's one of a few I've watched twice), it does have some problems. I think the main problem is that it should have been a two-part story because there is too much going on for just a one hour episode and the whole thing ends up feeling very rushed.
Absolutely. It feels very rushed in general and it seems like they were too anxious to get it back to Sam leaping instead of playing a little bit with the role reversal. I would have liked to see Al do at least one more leap and both guys have a little bit longer of a time to be in each other's shoes.

Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
For his part, Sam seems so focused on saving Al that it's almost as if he's brushing Donna aside.
Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
I know this show plays fast and loose with the whole "swiss cheese memory" idea but this episode takes it to another level. If leaping discombobulates you that much, how does Sam even remember what he's there to do once he leaps into Al? He remembers that, but not his wife?
I have all kinds of problems with the Donna storyline in general. I don't dislike the character as I know some fans do, just the story arc, and I definitely pick up the same vibe of Sam brushing Donna aside when he's about to step into the accelerator again. It's part of the reason I don't buy her as the love of Sam's life, as is suggested in this episode and 'Star Crossed' [and I really dislike 'Star Crossed' - I have several issues with it, but that's a separate topic]. The rushedness of the episode is a big part of that. I also personally don't find there to be enough chemistry between the two actors, even though Scott Bakula and Mimi Kuzyk are both good actors.

The first half of the episode, in 1945, is great. On rewatch I tend to now watch the first half then turn it off or just fast forward through the scenes in 1999.
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