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Some thoughts on Ziggy:

"Al always called her 'Ziggy.'" Alpha seems to be the original name of the parallel-hybrid computer with a 1 million gigabyte capacity and Internet access. What's cool, however, is that Ziggy is the ultimate Siri. Ziggy reminds me of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider or HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey (of which K.I.T.T. was inspired and conceptualized from).

What is Ziggy's gender? Yes, early seasons there are male references. In one episode (can't remember specifically), Ziggy's gender actually switches back and forth within the same conversation Sam and Al have! From then on, the gender is female. OK. How about Sam and Al see Ziggy as however they want to see it? Al certainly did by actually nicknaming the primary Project computer. He had to go string along Sam's Swiss-cheesed memory throughout most of the series. What we're seeing throughout the series is Al's (Dean's?) interpretation.

Project Quantum Leap's entire aesthetic was likely inspired by Sam's favorite show as a child, Time Patrol, as we saw in "Future Boy." (At least the final version of the handlink and control console were.) Isn't it poetic that Moe Stein's doppelganger in "Mirror Image," Simo Zevanovic, is also nicknamed "Ziggy"? Is that the underlying significance?
- Chris
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