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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Then what about Ziggy's female voice in The Leap Back accompanied by her humorous lecherous comments towards Sam? (Ex. "Mmm great legs Doctor" XD) You think that is what Sam wants to see his computer as?

Hmm interesting catch, I myself have not notice this conversation however recently have picked up a couple of moments after The Leap Back in which the 'he' reference is reverted back to.
One is in Revenge of The Evil Leapers.
"Sam, we've got problems. Get this, Ziggy says there's another leaper."
"Well she's just picking up Alia."
"No he already counted her."

Hmm, I just picked up on that, perhaps this is the conversation you are remembering.

I can no longer remember what the other one was but I know there was one other at least that I have caught.
Haha! I was watching that episode the other day and that line you mentoned cracked me up. We're twisting ourselves into knots here and they just go along and play with his/her identity like that.
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