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I seem to be the last dude on the planet to see this, and massive QL fan thought I consider myself to be, I'm ashamed to say that while I kept looking for Scott and telling my wife "This is totally Quantum Leap" I did not recognise Scott's voice on the phone. However the whole story with the dad and the phonecall to him were lifted straight from the (correct me someone) second episode or the end of Pilot, and I loved the "Oh Boy" line so much I nearly peed my pants. All that was missing was the "not my face in the mirrir" sound effect (you know you can hear it right now in your head). I wondered if it would have killed them to have the "Goodwin" character played by, say, a charismatic older chap with a penchant for cigars and loud shirts?

However, if there are any Dr Who fans out there, I wondered if you felt Dr Who's introduction of Clara "Osgood Oswin" was perhaps a bltant rip off of this earlier work (Source code, not QL). When I saw the souffle girl episode I loved it, thought it was original and excellent but now I have a bad taste in my mouth to think they just pinched it from the "capsule" scenes in SourceCode.

Last word on SourceCode (which again, I really very much enjoyed) was that the whole "who is the bomber" thing was incredibly obvious to anyone with half a brain or who ever saw a time travel story before" which slightly killed the suspense, in my opinion, anyway.
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