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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
Kind of a philosophy question for all of ya...

Late in the 4th season we started seeing scenes from the project, and of the leapees in the waiting room. From the fanfics I've read there are a lot of PQL scenes as well. Personally while I liked seeing the Project itself, I think too much of it is not a good thing.

My reasoning is that the series happens from Sam's point of view, so if he can't remember anything about the project, then we shouldn't be able to see them either, i.e. we should be as "swiss cheesed" as him.

Just wondering what your opinions are on this.
When the series began it was very much from Sam's point of view, especially with Sam narrating in voice over at the beginning and often during the episode (and that happened later in the series too).

I get that they wanted to mix things up a bit to keep the series from getting stale and for the most part the waiting room scenes weren't bad (although I don't particularly like the Dr. Ruth episode, Al's interactions with her were very touching) but I actually preferred when they stuck to Sam's point of view. The show is about him and his experiences, and he's the one we're really following. And whenever Al is not there Sam is on his own trying to muddle his way through and figure out the right thing to do, and we're there with him, not knowing. So that adds tension.

When you switch from TV to prose, especially for longer prose, I can see where people may want to fill in more information and break up the story differently, especially if they're writing in third person, which allows that leeway. But I've read plenty of case fics where no project scenes are included and it's just Sam on the leap and those work fine too. My preference is for the latter type of fic -- I don't care about what's happening at the project. I like watching/reading about Sam, so the project stuff has no interest for me.
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