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Default Quantum leap a wonderful leap again?

Part 1

Sam was traveling through time like a unstoppable force there was moments he felt like superman as he was flying through the clouds into the sky he wondered to himself for a moment how long it will take to fulfill his mission into time? How many leaps did he have left? Or was he forever trapped into the past putting right what once went wrong....

As he was wondering about his future fate.

He felted himself start to land and as he leaped In after wave after wave of blue quantum leap light faded away Sam found himself wearing a Santa suit and Sam saw a line of children waiting to see him.

Sam was definitely in a shopping mall sitting in a Santa's grotto.

And a young girl approaches Sam and says "Santa!"

Sam rolls his eyes and says

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile at project quantum leap

Al enters the control room wearing his typical clothes he looks at Ziggy and taps the hand link In his hand as it flashes yellow, red and green

Ziggy replys

"Sam has leaped into a shopping mail Santa and the year is December 10 1969" and he's in Elk Ridge,*Indiana*"

Al looking thoughtful

Says to ziggy

" OK and who has Sam leaped into this time? "

There is a momentarily pause from Ziggy and she says

" we are not sure yet every time I try and do a I'd check on him I am drawing up a blank I need more time admiral to obtain his personal information you may have better luck at meeting our guest in the waiting room"

Al rolls his eyes and heads for the waiting room.

End of part 1
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