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Default Quantum leap a wonderful leap again part 2

Quantum leap

Part 2

Sam has a child on his knees and she says to him with him trying to be santa

"ho, ho, ho what do you want for Christmas?"

The little girl replys

"can I have a doll please for Christmas Santa?"

Sam smiles and says

"as long as you are a good little girl"

She smiles and says

"thanks santa"

Sam smiles and says

"ho, ho, ho"

As the little girl leaves

Suddenly the sound of the imaging chamber door opens next to Sam.

And Sam says to himself

"thank goodness"

As the imaging chamber door closes

Al says to Sam

"Well this is different"

Sam looks at Al and says quietly

"Al am Santa?"

Al smiles and laughs saying

"I can see that take a break so we can talk Sam"

Sam nods and says to a nearby elf

"let's take five"

The elf closes the grotto and with a great sign of relief on Sam's face he follows Al.

After a few minutes Sam enters the men's toilet and Al reappears like a ghost and says

"Sam can't we meet somewhere else as I always feel like a pervert going into the men's toilets"


"OK, OK Sam"

Sam looks into the mirror smiling to himself with a Santa looking person looking back at him from the looking glass.

"so who am I Al? And where?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"OK it's December 10 1969 and it's Elk Ridge,*Indiana"

Sam looking at his mirror image looking shock says

"elk ridge Indiana!"

Al taps the handlink slowly and replys

"yes Sam"

"am home Al am home"

"I know kid" Al tapping the handlink slowly

Sam turns around looking at Al face to face and says

"and who am I Al apart from the obvious"

Al smokes his cegar and blows some smoke rings and says

"we're not sure Sam Ziggy is finding it hard to make a official ID on who you have leaped into."

Sam looks at his mirror image again and as he talks his mirror image copying his mouth movements perfectly in sync with him.

"fine just talk to the guy in the waiting room"

Al hits the hand link and says

"I did"

"Well we're not totally sure but I don't buy what your counterpart is saying in the waiting room"

"why what is he saying?"

"he's saying his name is Kris kringle"

"Kris kringle?"

Sam replys with a confused look on his face.

Al taps the handlink and reads the display.

"it's another name for Santa clause"

Sam turns around and says

"I can't be, can it?"

Al says looking at the handlink

"it's just a coincidence Sam"

"let's not jump to conclusions I'll go back and see if I can help Ziggy with the program"

"does Ziggy know why am here yet"

Al taps the hand link again and says

"we haven't run the program that far yet"

"OK Al go back and help Ziggy"

Al taps the hand link and steps back into the imaging chamber door and says to Sam before disappearing into the future.

"Well hang in there Santa"

And the imaging chamber door closes.

Sam looks at himself in the mirror and touches his face and says to himself

"I can't be actually santa can I?"

End of part 2
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