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Default Quantum leap it's a wonderful leap again

Part 4

The next morning Sam was dreaming he had leaped back to the project after the blue light faded away Sam found himself in the waiting room he felt really excited and he ran out of the room and still wearing the white suit he wore in the beginning he ran into the control room and said.


She turned around in excitement and looked at Sam and said

"Sam?" with a confused look on her face.

"it's me am back like I said I would he ran and hugged his wife and gave her a big kiss.

After the kiss she said

" I knew you would come back to me "

And as they were enjoying there own company and embrace Donna suddenly said that seemed out of character

" Sam, Sam wake up buddy"

Sam wakes up from the dream in his motel room seeing Al looking over him and saying

"how's it going kid?"

Sam slowly gets up saying

"Al I dreamt I had leaped home and I was with....."

Trying hard to remember as the dream started to fade with his Swiss cheese memory starting to kick him.

"Al who's Donna?"

"Donna?" Al starting to look nervous and taping the hand link as if he didn't know who Sam was referring to.

Sam was sitting on his bed. Trying hard to rack his brain for the information.

"yes Donna am sure that's her name"

Al looking very sheepish taps the hand link and reply.

"she's just a programmer at the project she helps you now and again"

Sam gets up looking unsure weather or not to believe Al.

"are you sure Al it seems our relationship was different..... Some how"

And suddenly the dream leaves Sam

"ah I can't believe it I can't remember the dream it's faded."

"don't worry Sam am sure it will come back to you"

Sam walks up to the nearby mirror and sees Santa looking back at him and he says to himself for a joke.

"Hi Santa"

And he smiles at himself

"so Al any joy of who this guy is who I have leaped into?"

Al taps the hand link and reads from the portable device.

"Well all Ziggy can find is the person you have leaped into is putting himself down on his job application as Kris kringle and his address just as the north pole we can't find any other data on him apart from the obvious stuff."

"you don't really think the person I have leaped into really thinks he's actually santa?"

"were not sure Sam but all the data we can find on him at the moment puts that he lives at the north pole. I think he might need a counselor Sam"

Sam gets dressed into his Santa suit and now definitely looks the part.

Sam turns to look at Al and says

"so little girl I am here to save when does she need me Al?"

Al taps the hand link and it starts to Goan in the usual way.

"we are still trying to get the information all we know is its at some time tonight we are still trying to pin down the time of death of the little girl."

"Al if I am here to save this little girl I can't go to the mall because that's what happened last time."

Al taps the hand link and reads carefully

"Ziggy agrees with you to a point but she's saying there is a 50 per cent change you still have to attend the mall to"


"were not sure yet"

Al hits the hand link hard and says

"you useless pile of gummy bears"

"OK Al go back and please find out please"

Al taps the handlink and steps into the white door way and after a few more taps Al is gone

End of part 4
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