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Carrying on the strong start to season 4, Permanent Wave is actually one of the most underrated episodes of them all in my opinion. Sure, it may not be particularly hard hitting or be a game changer for the series as a whole, but as a standard episode I think it's very strong.

For the most part, I've always liked a good whodunit type story and this is a good example of how one should be handled. The first time I saw this episode I was very shocked by the reveal at the end regarding Chloe. I just didn't expect her to be the mastermind behind it all. The only drawback regarding this outcome is that it is kinda unrealistic that Ziggy didn't point out that Eloch is an anagram of Chloe. I know it's mentioned by Sam and Al (can't remember the exact words but I know they both seem dumbfounded by the fact everyone missed it). But I would have expected Ziggy to notice this.

I really, really like both Laura and Kyle. Two really good supporting characters. Laura did annoy me at times with her obsession in trying to protect Kyle herself, but ultimately it all came out of pure love for her son. It's cool seeing a young Joseph Gordon Levitt as Kyle. And yes, as far as child actors go, Joseph was a pretty good one. Very realistic acting from him throughout.

Above all else, I love all the Sam and Al scenes here. Yes, I always enjoy them, but here I think the interactions between them were top notch. And yes, the best scene is by far Sam trying to taunt Al by flirting with the twins in front of him. Funny stuff.

My verdict. Excellent. A real hidden gem of an episode. Good directing by Scott Bakula, too.
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