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Default Round Robin 3: Part Nine

A little while later, Sam stood watching the police car drive away with his former Nanny in the back. He had the cordless phone with him in his hands, and put it up to his face and acted like he was talking into it as he turned to his Holographic friend that was in the future. Sam had been learning all kinds of tricks on NOT looking like an idiot, especially when it came to talking to someone that really wasn't there.

"What happens here Al?"

"Well the kids don't get too bad a bellyache from the dinner I just helped them create!"

"Ha Ha Al! C'mon!"

"Okay Sam, just trying to lighten things up a bit," Al said, using an "easy Sam, Easy" kinda gesture. "Okay, let's check the old crystal ball," he said as he pulled up Ziggy's link.

"Well, the really good thing is Joel turns out to be just fine. He's a programmer working for Fortune 500 company in Philly, got two rugrats, a Deacon in his church - seems to keep believing in Angels - and appears to be doing quite well. Man, that's great Sam! Because in a way, we ARE doing God's work, huh?"

Sam nodded and grinned. Rarely did Al get quite so meloncholoy as this, and it was a rare treat. Sam knew he didn't have kids of his own, and always thought that it was a great crime. He had been absolutely terrific with Joel, and Sam thought he remembered a time when he was a female in a previous leap and Al had helped with a child that could see him then, too. Coincidently, he had been Angel Al then, too.

"What about Anna?"

"Well let's see... she's a psycho." He lowered the handlink, thought for a second, and blanched. He brought it back up to eye level. "That can't be right!"

He slapped a hand against the device, making an electronic wail, and then checked the readout. "Oh! A psychologist! Hahahah Anyway, yeah, she's married too, no kids, but she's a psychologist that helps families out with trauma and loss." Al looked around at the house from the street they were standing beside and harrumphed. "Well, this certainly could be a good case study, huh bud?"

Sam sighed. "Yeah. Okay, so now all I gotta do is save my friend from dying from a freefall off the Golden Gate Bridge?"

Al looked over at Doctor Becket with a little concern. "Easy buddy. Don't get all clammy on me now. Besides, that's a new day! Not tonight! Billy's not even around here now! What the hell is that?" Al muttered as a loud rumbling noise grew louder and louder.

Right about then, Billy's truck pulled up, with Billy and what could only be Billy's girlfriend Shelly that was gigglin' in the seat. She was chuggin' a Budweiser an snortin' with laughter at something that Billy had said. And then they were joined by Anna and Joel who had dashed out the door to jump in the truck to hug Shelly, who squealed with delight.

"What's so funny?" Sam asked, smiling at the infectious nature of Shelly's giggling.

"Nothin' buddy," Reingartener said, as he popped open the tab on a brew, and tossed another to Sam, who caught it one-handed. "She thought she saw some guy standing next to you wearing a blinking fedora!"

"Agnul Al!! Agnul Al!! Joel said, pointing at the Observer.

Shelly looked over at Al, winked at him and said, "But he's invisible, right kiddo? Other people can't see him except for you and me, right?"

Al blanched, and looked over to Sam for support, as Doctor Beckett did a double-take.

"What?" he asked? "You can see Joel's Angel, too?"

"Doubt he's an Angel, Danny! Looks like he's got quite a bit of the devil in him!" she teased, and then looked over at Billy. She whispered, "Just playing with Joel, hon!"

Billy sighed a relief. "Boy, for a minute you had me going there Shelly! Thought I was the one that was a bit off! Did you remember to take your medicine this morning?"

"Yeah," she muttered, down slightly. She glanced back over to Al and grinned.

"Um, Sam, as often as I've mentioned it in the past, I DON'T like it when other people can see me other than you and kids. I'll come back here in a bit!" And then to Joel, Al waved bye. "See ya in a bit kiddo!" He hit a button on the handlink, and a white light opened up behind him, and then Al stepped through it, disappearing when it descended completely.

"Woah!" said Shelly, who looked over at Doctor Becket. "Hey, since when did you have brown eyes?"

"Brown eyes?" questioned Billy. "Hon, they're blue. They've always been blue!"

Joel bounced on the truck seat. "Sam! Sam! Sam!"

Doctor Beckett sighed. "Ohhh, boy!"
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