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Default Re: Round Robin 2: Part Four

Whether it was in shock or just a reaction to the observer?s words... Sam?s jaw dropped, "Pregn..." Unconsciously he stopped treading water; he sank like a stone. Unceremoniously, his arms flayed, trying to grasp at something, anything solid. He saw the bubbles rise as his own breath left his body, gently stroking his face in their ascension. He fought at the water, desperately trying to resurface; his head tossing as his eyes searched. Before too long, the mugginess of the water separated and as his vision cleared from the blur of the water, he spluttered and gasped in air.

"What you doin? there Sam? Yer supposed ter stay on top when yer breathe in. Yer could drown doin? that." Al mocked, waving an unlit Havana in a circular motion.

Between gasps and splutters Sam found his voice again. "Pregnant!!" He continued. "No way Al!! No way is Connie gonna be getting..."

"Well Sam, your leaping in here as erm, Connie, has probably changed that history already." The observer looked down at the hand-link as it squawked for attention. "Sorry pal, but Connie still get preggers this weekend."

"But she can?t... I-I mean I can?t get pregnant and there?s no way I?m going to..." Sam?s cheek twitched as an awkward expression flooded his face.

The small speedboat pulled up alongside, its engine labouring. Steamy fumes spluttered from the exhaust as it turned starboard, drifting with the current.

Al read the hand-link again. "Sam, history?s not changing any. She still gets..."

Sam interrupted. "I can?t do it!"

"Sure you can Connie. After a hot drink and a good rubdown you?ll be back flying with the waves as you always do." Four burly arms reached out and plucked Sam from the watery depths.

Sam looked at both men in turn and wondered which of the two was Connie?s sweetheart, or even, if either of them were.

"Yeah, yeah." Sam nodded, disgruntled and glared in the direction of the observer.

That look said it all to Al, he knew exactly what was going through the mind of Dr. Beckett. "I?m gonna go and check with Ziggy," he pressed a button, "see what?s happening." Without waiting for a response from Sam, the light from the Imaging Chamber door darkened.

One of the men wrapped a toweling sheet around Sam?s shivering shoulders, the engine revved and they sped back to the small wooden landing dock.

"What happened there Connie? It looked like you?d gotten it right that time." Bobby held out a hand to steady Sam as he stepped wobbly to the shoreline, each step paining his sore feet.

Sam had to think fast, he?d become accustomed to ad-libbing other people?s lives. "Aw... Something popped up out of the slip-stream... a log, yeah..." Sam outstretched his arms to indicate size, "a-a <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?big?<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> log, it was right in my path."

"You?re lucky then, lucky you think fast." Bobby?s teeth flashed white and his grin seemed to fill the whole of his face.

<!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?You can say that again,? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> Sam thought, <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?thinking fast seems to be an occupational hazard.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> Sam looked up at a clear blue sky. <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?I wish you?d give me just one easy leap, even saints can take a holiday.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> He stared back at Bobby, this time taking a good look at his reflection in the dark glasses. "I feel a little shaken, let?s call it a day."

Bobby noticed Connie?s stare and placed two weighty hands on Sam?s shoulders. "You aint looked at me like that in a long time Connie, not since..." Bobby turned away.

"Since when?" Sam inquired, wanting to know more.

Bobby looked down in embarrassment. "Don?t wanna talk about it." He then laughed, an awkward laugh. "Let?s try it again."

"Try what?"

"The jump, Connie." Again that awkward laugh. "What else did you think?"
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