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Default Re: Round Robin 2 : Part Nine

The breaks churned up as much gravel, as the accelerator did on <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> takeoff<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->, Brent was red in the faced and angry, very angry. He lashed out at the steering column a half-dozen times with the heel of his hand, making it vibrate with the force of each blow.

"B-I-T-C-H!" He yelled, honking the horn. "B-I-T-C-H!" Honking the horn again. "B-I-T-C-H!" Honking yet again.

In his frustration he wrestled with the door handle, his nerves shattered by emotion. After a couple of frustrating attempts the door opened and he kicked it wide, the hinges squealing as they reached their uttermost limit. He hurled himself out of the car, slamming the door, opening it and slamming it again. He kicked at the gravel several times, rousing up mounds of dust; he gagged and then took out his remaining frustration on the car?s wing, denting it in the process. He looked down at his handiwork and lashed out again, he still didn?t feel any better.

"I?ll get you for this Connie Bladmore," he turned back to stare at the cabin, less than half a mile away, his eyes slitted in anger and his fist raised. "I?m gonna get you good!"

* * * * *
After getting dressed in Connie?s clothes, Sam entered the room where Bobby was standing over a boiling pot. "What?re we havin??"

"Thought we?d have boiled eggs and frankfurters, keep it simple." Bobby waved a fork in the air.

Sam laughed. "Well, least you can?t burn the eggs."

"Don?t be too sure Con, I can burn water." Bobby grinned.

"Don?t be silly Bobbina, no-one can burn water it just evaporates. Cum?on I?ll give you a hand." Sam stepped over to the hot plate and looked down into the bubbling pan. Sam couldn?t help chuckling; there in the pot were half a dozen eggs, along with a heap of strapping frankfurters.

Bobby noticed Sam?s amusement. "I thought I?d save on the washing up."

Sam shook his head. "It?s okay, really, different but okay. You?re doing a great job." Sam remembered his mother?s scorn when he?d tried to save on the washing up too, the steamed pudding was tasty, but the ears of corn had a funny twang to them, in fact they were disgusting. He chuckled again as he remembered his own stinging ear.

After they?d eaten a surprisingly tasty meal, the eggs had taken on some of the flavour from the frankfurters. Sam went outside for a walk. He?d tried to wear a pair of Connie?s shoes but his feet were still too sore, so he donned a pair of sneakers. He walked up to the ridge that looked out over the lake and plonked himself down on a flat rock. The afternoon air was starting to cool, he slipped off the sneakers and wiggled his toes, letting the refreshing breeze cool and ease his raw soles.

He looked out at the exhilarating view, breathing in the freshness of the air. There were still some small boats out on the lake and he watched as other skiers left white trails in the rippling waters below. Sam heard the Imaging Chamber door open behind him, but nothing was going to distract him from the peace he was feeling, not even his best friend.

Al saw his friend?s inner peace and silently walked up and stood beside Sam, looking out over the lake. "Beautiful isn?t it Sam?" He breathed in the air and coughed. "Just think in twenty or so years, this valley will be filled with toxic garbage, a dumping ground for nuclear waste. A real shame."

Sam sat, elbows on knees. "You mean this is all gone? Al that?s terrible." He waved his hands, indicating expanse.

"Yeah, there was a boating accident in the late sixties, a real biggy and the whole area was sealed off. The locals lost a heap of money too. It was a thriving tourist attraction before then, they were makin? a bomb."

Sam looked up at the blue cloudless sky. "What happens to everyone Al?"

Al tapped on the hand-link and it chirped in response. "Ah, they just went off and did something else, pity though, it?s real pretty."

Both men stood looking out at the vast expanse of the mountainous glassier region; it <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> was<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> very beautiful.

Suddenly the hand-link chirped and as the observer looked, his face turned to stone. "Sam!" He yelled, but his warning came too late.

A rock hit the back of Sam?s head and he fell forward with the vicious blow, unconscious he rolled forward and down the steep incline. Al watched in horror as Sam?s limp body crashed into jagged rocks.

Al turned to see a snickering Brent, holding the rock at his side, his large frame heaving with chuckles of delight. "No-one messes with the Wetherspoon?s, I told you that honey."

"YOU CREEP! YOU THUG! YOU GOON!" Al Hollered, but no-one heard him.
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