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Default Re: Round Robin 2 : Part Thirteen

The admiral gave Gooshie a look that he?d remember for the rest of his days, he wished he?d never made that last remark and he felt a little foolish. "Erm, sorry." Gooshie blushed, quietly apologising. "I?ll see if Ziggy can come up with anything new, meanwhile I suggest you find Connie... erm-er, I-I mean Sam." Gooshie blushed again.

"Okay, okay Gooshie I get the drift." Al became slightly annoyed at the programmer's continual flushes of embarrassment. "I think I know where he <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> might<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> be."

"I?m not sure how long we can keep this surge of power going, but I?ll be back as soon as I can." Gooshie faded after a few tweets and sputterings from the hand-link.

Al turned and looked up the hillside and took a few steps, the wind blew the skirt he was wearing around his legs almost tripping him up. Gathering up the fullness into a bundle at the front, he mastered the climb and reached the top breathless. Still clutching at the skirts, he looked around, behind a crag he saw the corner of a wooden building peeping out and strode, unladylike towards it.

Al entered the doorway; he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Sam. "Gawd you?re here Sam, thought you?d wandered off and we?d never see you again, where?s erm, er, the lad?"

"You mean Bobby?" Sam looked at him questioningly.

"Huh, yeah, think so, that?s his name, yeah Bobby." Al blinked, trying to straighten out his muddled mind.

"Dunno, I?ve not seen him since I left you. Which way did he go after I left?"

"I dunno either, Gooshie distracted me for a minute there, I thought he followed you."

"No, he?s not here." Sam shook his head.

"Sam!" Al had a shocking thought. "You don?t think he?s gone lakeside do you?"

"Why would he do that?" Sam looked confused. "It?s getting late."

"Gooshie said he still drowns tonight."

"Great." Sam slapped his hands on his thighs. "And I thought that was all sorted, what did Gooshie say about the drugs?"

Al?s brain was still muddled and he shook his head in confusion. "He didn?t mention any drugs Sam."

"Come on Al." Sam?s tone sounded urgent and he started heading for the door, waving a hand for Al to follow. "We?ve got to get down there and stop him."

"Can?t I go and get changed first?" Al gazed at Sam despondent.

"No, there?s no time for that, come on Al we might be too late." Sam waved an urgent hand again.

"Let me at least grab a sweater Sam. I mean... look at me, I am supposed to be a girl... I can?t be seen to be topless." Al opened the torn blouse revealing a bare chest.

Sam laughed. "Hmm, yeah, it might raise a few eyebrows Al. Go on then but hurry"

Al looked about him, trying to figure which door led to where.

"End room on the left." Sam advised and Al scampered off in the direction he?d indicated, returning moments later half attired in a fashionable and very colourful crocheted sweater.

Following the long stride of his friend and pulling on the remainder of the sweater he chased after Sam. Almost tripping again, he pulled up his skirt and jogged along the track and towards Brent?s car, to where Sam patiently waited.

"What took you so long?" Sam asked with a smirk.

"It?s this skirt... " Al started to say and then noticed Sam grinning. "Gawd, you knew all along didn?t ya?"

Sam started the car and headed down the road. "Now you know what it?s like Al, all of the times you were having a good laugh. Now you know exactly how it feels. An..." He laughed again. "And I can?t wait for the shoes Al. Whoo-hoo!"

"Yer Rat! Yer not gettin? me in?ter those things, no way pal!" Al?s face reddened with embarrassment.

"And the stockings." Sam mocked making the most of the situation.

"Shut up!"

"And the makeup." Sam grew relentless.

"Sam! I?m warnin? yer!"

"And the earrings." Sam laughed louder.

And Al became redder. "Sam! Yer forgittin? I?m no longer a hologram, I?ll bop yer one!"

"Oh geese." Sam calmed. "Okay, I?m sorry Al, but I just had to get my own back for all those other times."

"Yeah, well, just quit foolin?." Al folded his arms and tried pretending that Sam wasn?t there.

They pulled up along the embankment, the waters gently lapping the edge. They jumped out of the car and raced to the boardwalk, Bobby was nowhere in sight. Sam raced ahead, Al having difficulty with his skirt again, boucled it up again and trailed way behind, trying to catch up he didn?t notice that the lace to his sneakers had come undone, tripped and plunged into the watery depths, smashing his head on the edge of the platform.

Sam didn?t even hear the splash as his friend sunk like a stone and he continued to race ahead looking for the unfortunate Bobby. It wasn?t until a minute or two later that he heard the shouts of Bobby, far above him on the cliff?s edge. He couldn?t tell what he was saying, the wind whipping his voice away. It wasn?t until he turned to Al, that he realised his friend was missing. Frantically Sam searched around following where Bobby was pointing. Then he saw it. The balloon like object floating in the lake, it was the floral skirt of Connie?s.

Precipitated with adrenaline, Sam lunged forward and dove in, swimming out to his friend. Sam grappled about for what seemed like an age, trying to unravel the mounds of sodden material filled with air, the water reddening with every second that passed. Then he had Al by the armpits.

"God!" Sam yelled as his heart leapt, Al wasn?t breathing.
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