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Default Re: Round Robin 2 : Part Sixteen

Doctor Fuller looked fleetingly into the eyes of her reciprocal employer, wondering how exactly did he know of her mother and more dubiously, why he was so concerned. "She?s fine doctor Beckett. But may I ask you a question? How do you know my mother?"

Sam was taken aback for a moment, trying to think of a suitable answer, not the answer that was swimming around in his head, the answer on the tip of his tongue and at the forefront of his subconscious, which wouldn?t go away. He tried to clear his head in an effort to think clearly, but it wouldn?t clear. "You do have a mother don?t you?" Sam felt the colour rise in his cheeks as the words spilled out. <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ?What a stupid thing to say.? <!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> He thought and could have physically kicked himself for his infantile remark.

Sammi Jo laughed but still with an air of confusion. "Yes and a father too, but I?ve never knew my real father I believe he?s off traveling somewhere. My stepfather?s doing remarkably well considering his health. Thanks for asking." She stood watching Sam and waited for a response.

Sam fidgeted, looking down at his hands and then over towards the other side of the lake, he glanced anywhere he could, rather than face the holographic figure before him. He felt uncomfortable and self-conscious. What could he say to the woman he knew to be his kin, and yet, she didn?t know him for who he really was, his flesh and blood, her father; his daughter.

"Is there anything wrong doctor Beckett?" Sammi Jo finally asked. "You look a little lost."

"Erm, just thinking how we can get Al back to your time, the future." Sam lied. He?d gotten accustomed to telling small untruths to people around him, to people from the time he was trapped in, but that was because he didn?t <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> know their truth<!--EZCODE BOLD END--><!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->. He was feeling very guilty about the white lies he was telling now, to someone who knew him from his own time and especially guilty towards Sammi Jo.

"I?ve been wondering the same thing too. We?ve never ever had two people in the Waiting Room before and... considering what had happened between Connie and..." Sammi Jo turned her back and took a few steps from Sam. "We still haven?t." She turned abruptly to face the time traveler. "We?ve got Brent Wetherspoon in the infirmary and he?s causing a hell of a rumpus. I?m afraid the infirmary?s not secure enough to hold him, but we don?t know what else to do with him."

"How?s Connie reacting?" Sam breathed inwardly, at least for the time being Sammi Jo had changed the subject, and for the moment at least; he?d never broach the subject again.

Sammi Jo raised her eyebrows with relieve. "She?s with Verbeena, she?s confused as you?d expect, but she?s calm and taking it all in her stride."

"Then why not exchange them, put Connie in the infirmary and Brent in the Waiting Room?" The time traveler suggested.

"It would mean them meeting doctor and I wouldn?t like to be responsible for the repercussions."

"Surely such a meeting could be supervised so that the impact were kept to minimal interaction. It would be far better than having a reoccurrence of an escape on your hands."

Sammi Jo tapped a few keys on the hand-link. "I suppose it could be feasible doctor, I?ll go and arrange for the transfer." She looked down at the hand-link as it squawked, a look of alarm in her beautiful eyes as she raised them to Sam. "Ziggy advises that you get the admiral to a hospital immediately, there?s still water in his lungs and he?s slowly drowning and with that head injury he could slip into unconsciousness at any moment."
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