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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
X- eXpand my knowledge of historical events in the recent past. Yes, I would want to witness the different events of the near past, and see them from different perspectives so that I could better teach about them. I would enjoy "leaping' into other people, and seeing something like the Iran-Contra Affair, or the fall of the Soviet Union, through many different people's eyes.

P.S. Plugosity, in the sense that leaper1 was using it, was "plugging" in an advertisement of the stories that she wrote. I don't know the exact definition, but I think I caught the general sense of it.
Yes, shameless plugosity is a phrase that was coined a while back on this site - forgive me, I can't recall who started it. Plugosity is not a real dictionary word, but it basically means the act of blowing your own trumpet!

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