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Originally Posted by alsplacebartender
I'd like to see it too.... sounds like fun!
No worries guys I'll keep you posted. Might post up a clip or two from it too I dunno, or maybe just the intro when I (finally) get it finished. I'm currently awaiting permission from 2 fan films that are well known on the net (not QL fan films... other ones) the likes of Star Trek: New Voyages to use some of their footage in my intro, for the intro which shows my previous leaps, it's like a nod to the guys who've made it. One of the admins on is interested and had given me the main director's email address to get in touch with him so we'll see how it goes. It'd only be for me standing on the bridge of the Enterprise with the guys from New Voyages for like about three or four seconds when the 'He awoke to find himself trapped in time... facing mirror images that were not his own... ' bit starts prologuing.

The effects that I've successfully recreated so far are the QL effect itself (looks good to me but isn't 100% faithful to the show) and having me look in a mirror and it not be my reflection. No need to create the hologram or observer doors affect yet as an Al like character isn't in this episode.

So anyways guys I'll keep you posted and thanks for your interest
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