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I just wanted to add my own thanks to everyone who put together this wonderful event. Small snafus and all, it was an amazing experience for someone who hasn't been to a single convention.

I do have to say that no matter what, I will always look back on this past weekend with awe and wonderment. Although I would love to say that meeting Scott Bakula and the other stars present was the highlight of the weekend, I can't really say that. Don't get me wrong, meeting people that you've written about and watched on television in various shows and wondering exactly what they are like in "reality" is something in of itself. And it was wonderful!!!

I have to say that meeting my friends and loved ones: Brian Greene, Julie Greene, A. J. Burfield, Morgan, Mike Bloxam, and Janine Humphreys (to name a few). Then meeting fellow fans who instantly became friends.... seeing the joy and fun we were having.... and just meeting new people who were open to what awaited them.... that was the highlight of my weekend. I met so many new people... so many friends... that I will miss them.

I had a small issue when it came down to Sunday with my lovely travel plans. My flight was booked long before the convention with non-refundable tickets. The plane was leaving at 7:15 and having flown in out of LAX, my shuttle was coming in at 4:30 to come and take me to the airport. Scott would begin to sign autographs at 4:00 and with where I was located in the lineup, I wouldn't have gotten to get an autograph before I had to leave. I have to say that if it weren't for a few of my new friends insisting that I talk with Jay Schwartz about not being able to get Scott's autograph. After Jay heard of what was going on, he told me what HE wanted me to do and I followed it to the letter. Thanks to Jay's and Scott's good nature, I was able to get in before I had to leave.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you - to all of you - those who helped, those who did all the leg work, to my new friends, to my loved ones, and know that I will never forget what you guys did to make my dream come true.

Marjorie Cogburn
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