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Any thing that would place Tom as a senator (or any other position) who could/would try to shut down the project wasn't in the aired episodes. I think it might have been in one of the novels. Since it's not in any of the aired episodes, that would put it outside of the canon of the series.

There's really nothing mentioned about Tom after "The Leap Home" until "Promised Land" when the older couple mentions that he's come home from Vietnam. I guess, since there is no canon explanation for what happened to Tom, you can pretty much assume whatever you'd like.

I'm also wondering if Sam's family knows anything about Quantum Leap, or know anybody involved. Wouldn't something like that be top secret?
It was mentioned a couple of times in the series that Project Quantum Leap was a top secret government project. Therefor, no one would know about it or work on it unless there was a need to and clearance. Familial relationship wouldn't be enough.

When I've dealt with this topic in the fan fic I've written, Sam's family only knows that he's working on a government project with a top secret rating but the don't know anything about it.
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