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Oh gosh, so many choices!

There's quite a few in Quantum Leap for my own personal reasons. I've shared my experiences in what the what QL means to you thread.

Swamp Thing is another one from the '80's. Especially when Swamp Thing uses his powers to bring dead people and creatures back to life. It really struck me as an amazing and compassionate thing to do. Ironically enough that show scared the daylights out of me as a kid. Hey, I was only seven or eight when it came out!

Star Trek: TNG definately. I think the biggest thing would be the equality shown and how everyone works together and the positive vision of the future.

As for movies, hmmm....

Like Leaper1 the trial scene in Dangerous Beauty always stuck with me. It was amazingly done.

In James Cameron's Titanic when the ship sinks I was crying. Not so much for Jack and Rose as I knew they were fictional but for what was happening to everyone else. While half the other girls at my High School were going "Oh, Jack!" I was shrieking "Look at that engine! Look at how it moves!"

The twist in The Sixth Sense and The Others caught me completely by surprise. While I don't remember too much about the movies I remember the twist as if it were yesterday.

If I remember any others I'll be sure to post them.
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