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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
It just made me wonder why they allowed the anti-Jewish legislation to be passed which, to use your metaphor, "started the water boiling". And it makes me wonder why there wasn't more of a protest...
You must understand that as large of a Jewish population there was in Germany at that time, they weren't the majority. Added to that, that particular population had faced anti-semitism for centuries in a variety of countries (including Germany.) Look up pogram, the Spanish Inquisition, and historical forms of anti-Semitic actions. Add to that the at that point in time, protests were usually soundly trounced (e.g. Occupy Wall Street or 60's type protests would have been summarily ended by the police.) Thus, a combination of 'this too shall pass' and an inability to actually protest meant there were not the type of protests you are seeking in history.

Yes, a lot of people left when this started. However, more got caught up the situation never believing that what eventually happened could ever happen.

If you really want to know the answer to your question, why don't you study more about this time in history from reputable sources. There are many books and other resources out there. A mix of media's provides the fullest picture. The biggest thing to understand, though, is these people did not just act like lemmings and 'allow themselves to be killed."

P.S. Here's a good start:

2nd P.S.: In regard to the episode, my husband was in his mid-teens during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He says that he felt the portrayal of what was happening during that time was incredibly accurate. You may argue why Paul Brown wrote it the way he did, but from people who actually lived through that specific time, it looks like he did a pretty good job.

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