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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Agreed, and I think that is exactly why Al didn't tell Sam. He knew it would be a terrible (and really impossible) decision for Sam to have to make, so he chose to not put him in the position of having to choose between his brother or his friend (and instead made the decision for him).
That's an excellent thought which hadn't occurred to me. To have to choose between two people you love is borderline wrong no matter what the circumstances and I can certainly believe that Al would never subject Sam to such a decision. He probably also considered the lack of difference his being rescued would have made. It wouldn't change Beth leaving him, she'd already even met Dirk the lawyer almost exactly a year prior let alone married him. Sadly he had no other reason to be in a hurry to get home.
Reminds me of the final line of the final verse of the Dixie Chicks song 'Traveling Solider'.
"One name read and nobody really cared, but a pretty little girl with a bow in her hair."
Look it up, it's a really well written song with a very Al and Beth theme.

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