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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
I know right?! The last time I watched that episode I was like "wait a minute, did he check out her a** as she was walking away!?" XD I'm not sure I'd ever noticed that before.
I wish they'd put more of these subtle perving gags into the show

A very in depth thought but I don't completely agree, not in reference to Quantum Leap.
Now that you have me thinking about that, it's true that whenever Ziggy is pitted against Sam's gut feelings she always loses. So perhaps Sam does at times choose what he changes however there are some conflicts with this. He doesn't choose to leap into to these particular situations, he saw Delilah's innocence in her eyes in So Help Me God but he didn't decide to leap into that courtroom. Usually he doesn't know what the situation is until told.
Here's a brain twister, how was Sam not able to save his father and sister? This says to me that GTFW does have limitations on what is meant to be changed.
That's not what I meant. Yes, Sam gets put into situations and he knows there is something there that needs to be changed. Most of the time, he is able to get future knowledge from Ziggy, and because he has such a strong moral compass, if he hears someone is going to die or be severely injured or end up in a much worse situation, of course he is going to try to save them, that's the kind of person Sam is. The point I was making is that in the end, he always has a choice to make - he doesn't HAVE to do what Ziggy tells him. And if he feels there's a conflict of interest, or if he feels that there's too much that one person can do, then he has to make a choice about what he can and can't do. But that doesn't mean he can't stew over his decisions - hence his guilt about not trying more to help Al. And realising the pain that he and Beth both went through, he realised he had the opportunity to help them but didn't. He realised that there are more important things than rules (most likely from the opportunity he had to help his family).

As for why he couldn't help his dad or Katie - well his dad was too set in his ways, and had no intention of changing his lifestyle. Sam can't force him to exercise and to eat good food. As for Katie, love literally makes people blind and deaf to what others think about that person. There's no way she would listen to anyone warning her against Chuck. Again, it was something she had to learn for herself.

Good thought but no. The exact line was:
"What the hell? I get repatriated in five years."
Again, it's a question of interpretation. With his wording, a possible interpretation is that he could have been remembering the entire incarceration, and be like "What the Hell, it only took five years". The wording IS ambiguous.

As am I though I do believe that GTFW still plays a role, it just didn't have to be nearly as large of one as Sam had allowed.
Yes of course GTFW still plays a role, he after all is the one who puts Sam in the situations he is put in. Which means GTFW must have an idea of where things have gone wrong. But it all comes down to choices - the choices made by the individuals who went on their original path, and the choice Sam makes to 1 - attempt to help them, and 2 - try to make them realise there is a better path that could be taken.

This is an excellent point and I believe Beth must have seen the photo as it would have been famous but even in the original history in which the photo did not exist she must have been told I imagine. So in both timelines she did find out that she'd made a huge mistake to give up on Al and probably lived the rest of her life in guilt and shame, which possibly even ruined her marriage to Dirk.
Unfortunately we don't know anything about her marriage to Dirk. Judging by how much they were put together in MIA, one might think that Beth and Dirk were meant to be, so they might have been very happy (aside from the obvious guilt about hurting Al). Since we only ever see the story from Al's point of view, we can't say anything for certain. But I think we can all agree that Al didn't deserve what he came back to and after all he did to help Sam help others, it was fitting that he should finally find some happiness.
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