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I wasn't sure whether to give this one only a "fair" score or not. But I analyzed it a bit more and realized that it was nobody's fault. It's one of the very few QL episodes that makes me pretty uncomfortable while watching it and one I always try to stay clear of... but for some reason I can't.

I didn't like any of the characters, of course. From the adults to the kids themselves, everyone was quite annoying in this episode. Those kids had to be the worst actors on the history of television (the little boy was in a Stephen King TV movie from 1991 called "Sometimes They Come Back" and he was terrible there as well). And everyone just kept making bad decisions and guiding themselves through their feelings and not using their heads at all. The only character I cared for was the old lady Sam was trying to sell the shelter to. She was quite compelling and I really felt for her...

But even with all this, it's nobody's fault. Meaning that in this case it's not even the writer, Paul Brown's fault. Normally, I always say that his characters are quite stereotyped and his situations are even worse, but in this case all his situations and his characters, as annoying and uncomfortable as they were, were quite real and believable and made you very concerned, if you were one of the lucky ones to not live through those times and in that country, the U.S.A., about what it was like during such crisis. It's one of the few chapters that almost doesn't have anything funny about it. In fact it only has one funny moment and that's at the beginning, but then everything is so hostile and serious and dark and it keeps getting worse and worse... and then it ends and you can't breathe deeply until he has finally leapt out and you know he won't ever see those people again.

As much as I hate this episode, I have to recognize that this is one of the best ones Paul Brown has ever written. It's just not of my taste. But all the last act, when the real action takes place, is my favorite part. Another thing I dug a lot from this one was that almost always P. Brown has a way of making Sam a bit naive about things, but here that was not the case: He was quite mature, centered and three-dimensional this time, something very rare indeed for a PB ep.

My rating: Average. It probably deserves more but it never leaves me with any good taste at all.
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