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An above par episode this one. Rebel Without a Clue was one of the more forgotten episodes in my mind before my recent rewatch of QL. I remembered Sam leaping into a biker but that was mostly it. But I really enjoyed this episode this time around. True, it is mostly set in just one place but the characters are interesting/entertaining enough to make it work.

I didn't really...dig the hero worshipping nature of this episode towards Jack Kerouac. I also wasn't too crazy on Becky as a character either. But I loved Teddy Wilson as Ernie. He's just as lovable here as he was in Pool Hall Blues.

One of the more interesting aspects of this episode is Dillon. He's not your out and out evil villain. He's actually well developed. In the beginning of the episode he seems to have a sort of genuine warmth for Becky, and is even okay with Bone drawing her picture. The war getting to him was a nice touch. It shows how some things can turn normal men into monsters.

My rating. Good. An enjoyable, above average episode.
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