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this episode in my opinion was sad but informative, i loved how this was such a realistic example of a true event and how awful segregation got back in the fifties and what it did to people and the scars (emotional) it costed them.

I love the beginning where it showed the passionate love between Susan and Ray(Sam).
The Watts riot was hard to watch, Luckily Sam's host has some medical knowledge like himself so he was able to save a lot of people being hurt before, Sam himself got beaten to a pulp, it was so hard too look at him limp and barely able to see through one eye, bleeding everywhere. It made me sad to see Sam get hurt, but thats what happened in the Los Angeles Riot, people got hurt for no reason whatsoever and as far as everyone saw, Sam was a black man. A black man engaged to a white woman and no one liked it Especally Ray's brother Lonnie, who then threatened to kill her if another black was killed. When Lonnie was shot dead himself, Sam morned him, i think because he was thinking of his own brother, who like lonnie put him through medical school, and i think Sam was remembering the previous time line when Tom had died in vietnam much like Lonnie was dying now in a different war. i believe that Sam felt like he was losing another brother. The way he rocks the lifeless Lonnie in his arms and the sobs in his face show how much pain it gave him to see another brother die in a pointless war.

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