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Sam: "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...move mountains...right through time... grow ten feet tall, and run forever." I love the glance at Cissy when he says the "right through time".

This is one of the rare episodes when people notice that the person they see is a bit different for a moment. Cissy sees Sam's green in Archie's brown eyes. The hurricane party guy sees Sam's brown, Archie's black hair. (depending on which drunk eye he is using) In Genesis when Peg kisses Sam, she walks away touching her lips. She has noticed a difference in Tom's and Sam's kisses.

The scene when Sam and Cissy are kissing and Al appears and begins coughing to get Sam's attention is classic. Sam suggesting that Al have the cough checked and Al asking what cough?

I like seeing Sam breathing a bit heavy after exiting the closet. But best of all is the gentleness and warmth in his voice when he tells Cissy that "If it's the right someone, I'd marry them after a couple of hours."
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