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Let's see what can I say about Hurricane. Very interesting Episode. First of all, I loved how they put in this episode, the charctors seeing something different about Archie. Like how Cissy saw him with green eyes for a second when she could have sworn Archie's were brown or blue I can't remember right now(however now I almost want to pop the episode in now that I am thinking about it), and how the man at the Hurricane Party saw him with Brown hair with one eye and Black with the other, although he can easily be half explained by the fact that he was drunk. This was not the first epsiode they stressed this in eaither. In Genesis when He kissed Peg she put a started hand to her lips and she noticed a difference in her husband's kiss. I wish they would have done more of this though because it's a very interesting concept, in fact now that I consiter it, I may do something with it in the story I am currently working on, it would fit in perfectly with the drama.

Another thing I liked was the relationship between Cissy and Archie and how Cissy just adores him. When they first get to Unibelle's and Sam is talking to Al about keeping Cissy from going back to her house where she is fated to get killed:
"now I gotta get her to go back and do it earlier"
*Cissy walks in behind him*
"Oh my, if we get up any earlier to do it, we might as well not go to sleep."
Also, one of Kristen's and my fav scenes is when Sam and Cissy duck into the closet and make out and Al is just standing there jellin' on him.
"Isn't it going to get a little hot in there!"
And Sam shuts the door as in "Goodbye Al! I'm Busy!"
I also love the desplay of Terminal Goodness(as Al calls in it Plat Ball) that Sam deplays in this episode by saving both the Hurricane Party and Cissy after Al told him that there was only time for one. And You know Sam doesn't do 'only time for one', ah uh that's not the way he works.
I also loved at the begining Sam and Al were listening to the shingles being blown off the roof and Al says:
"Those are the singles, the wind must be flicking them off like potato chips"
Great Desciription of how powerful a hurricane is, and paired with real hurricane footage throughout the episode, It adds a very intense and dramaric feeling to the episode and makes the hurricane more realistic. It makes me think how lucky I am to live in Cali where we dont have them.

Ok now the Whole thing with Lisa. Kristen and I think that she was written by a rookie writer (cuz they got new writers sometime around there) who didn't know the show real well, because we feel that she did not fit into the epsiode at all, that she was real out of place and took away from the episode, however I won't say I hate her. The episode would not have been totally runied without her though, there are other things that could have happened, like maybe the Ex-boyfriend started getting aggressive on her or something. He did desplay a lot of jealously towards Sam and Cissy being with another man. I think he would have made a good villian for this episode, and I don't think Ql has done the concept of the abusive boyfriend or in this case ex-boyfriend yet, and I don't count Bob from Camakazi Kid because I am talking real abusive like the stuff you'd see on the news. Plus I really think they he let the dog out on purpose because he wanted Sam to stop Cissy from going after him by going himself. Which would leave the jerk alone with her. I think they could have done a lot with his charactor that would have made the episode slightly better.

This is a good episode though, I really enjoy it, and I REALLY enjoy Sam in the uniform, it makes him look very manly!

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