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Originally Posted by isz
Anyway maybe if i'd been an American citizen this episode had a stronger Effect on me.
I think you just hit on it right there. This was a painful point in American history and Lonnie's words are perfect for what he's going through. I may have been born a couple of years after the Watts Riots in LA and on the other side of the country but I still remember growing up and hearing about racial tension on the news.

You have to keep in mind that even though QL was shown internationally, it was made for an American network and an American audience so it's going to touch on subjects that would have appealed to that audience in a way that audience would understand. Hence you have the use of Rock and Roll in one episode to demonstrate the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech; you have several episodes that deal with race relations - something that still effects America today; an epsidoe about the Cuban Missile Crisis; and other episodes that touch on small parts of American life.
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